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We've added several new informative seminars to this year's show. Check out the descriptions below, come and enjoy!

Download the Seminar Schedule here

12 Volt Solutions presented by Ventura Motor Works

Never run out of power again while dry camping!  Recent advances in solar panels, lithium batteries and LED lights allow RVers to camp off the grid longer than ever before.  In this informative seminar learn about solar power for your RV, how lithium batteries can effectively store that power while saving space and weight along with how to conserve 12 volt power through the use of efficient LED lighting.

The Top 10 Maintenance Tips Every RVer Should Know  presented by Gary Bunzer

The degree to which we enjoy the RVing lifestyle is proportional to the amount of trouble-free traveling we encounter. When Gary’s ten tips are correctly employed at their specific intervals, operational problems within the RV systems will be minimized and oftentimes, eliminated entirely. Learn the secrets at this seminar!

Technically Choosing Your Next RV  presented by Gary Bunzer

You’ve perused and studied many articles and websites on how to “choose” the RV of your dreams. You’ve attended seminars, interviewed friends and family and reconciled every possible scenario to finally narrow the field of possibilities down to those RVs you would consider for purchase. Now what? Toss those names into a hat and hope for the best? Why not compare your short list from a more technical standpoint? It just may be the difference between two or more seemingly similar coaches. All RVs are not created “technically” equal! Learn how to tell the difference in this informative seminar.

The RV Doctor’s Top 10 RV Facts of Life  presented by Gary Bunzer

Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, has seen it all over the last 45 years in the RV business. Over time, the Doc has collected a few RV Facts of Life. Learn how to cope and even take advantage of these non-negotiable realities. If you want to get the most out of your recreational investment, this seminar is for you.

120-Volt AC Electrical System Safety  presented by Gary Bunzer

Under no circumstance should you ever feel a tingle or shock when touching your RV! This seminar provides an understanding of how the AC system works and knowledge of what to do and how to look for AC electrical anomalies. What test devices should you carry with you as you travel? Learn all about it in this seminar. This presentation also suggests safeguards to help reduce the potential of an electrical emergency. Learn a simple inexpensive trick that guarantees no damage to your RVs electrical system will ever occur.

Proper Dinghy Towing presented by Matt Lynch of Torklift

Are you a motorhome owner looking to pull a second vehicle? Are you bewildered by the various methods available to you? Then attend the Proper Dinghy Towing seminar where you will learn what equipment you will need to safely tow your dinghy.

Proper Travel Trailer Towing presented by Matt Lynch of Torklift

Trunnions, L bars, receivers, sway controls..... determining what you need to safely tow a travel trailer can be over whelming! Attend the Proper Travel Trailer Towing seminar and learn travel trailer "hitch lingo" and the optimal way to tow your travel trailer.

Proper Fifth Wheel Towing presented by Matt Lynch of Torklift

In the past when it came to fifth wheel hitches you didn't have a lot of options. Today there are countless manufactures and types of fifth wheel hitches for short bed, long bed and flat bed trucks that adjust in corners, can be easily removed or nearly hidden in the bed of the truck. The Proper Fifth Wheel Towing seminar will explain your choices allowing you to make the right choice to safely pull a fifth wheel with your truck.

Equipping Your Truck to Carry a Camper presented by Matt Lynch of Torklift

If your choice of RV is a truck camper how will you safely carry it on your truck? Mounting and suspension will be topics of discussion at the Equipping Your Truck to Carry a Camper seminar. The correct equipment can make owning a truck camper a safe and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Understanding the Various Types of Camping Memberships presented by KM Resorts

To teach RV’ers the various membership types that exist, from the discount card through to the yearly or lifetime memberships.  How these memberships, when used properly by adding on reciprocals, elevate the camping experience.

Finance with Confidence – RV Loans 101 presented by WSECU

Are you considering purchasing a new RV. How do you plan to pay for it? Will you pay cash, take out a second mortgage on your home or obtain conventional financing? Did you know interest on a RV loan can often be a tax deduction? The Finance with Confidence – RV Loans 101 seminar will provide the information you need to make a knowledgeable decision.

Boondocking 101 presented by Dave Helgeson

Are you a free spirit looking for the total freedom a RV offers? Then be sure to attend this entertaining seminar where you will learn how to break free of schedules, reservations, leash laws, campground fees, noisy neighbors and other modern inconveniences? In this seminar you will learn how to find your own secret hideaways in advance via the internet and how to safely and comfortably stay there without hookups. Regardless of where you travel in the eleven western states, there are thousands of boondocking sites awaiting you.

Free Camping Across Washington presented by Dave Helgeson

RV camping doesn't need to be expensive. Join experienced boondocker and thrifty Norwegian, Dave Helgeson as he shares how to find campgrounds and scenic locations across the State of Washington where you can camp for free. It's true and he is not talking about Walmarts or rest areas either!

Manufactured Home Parks - Safe Affordable Community Living  presented by Ken Spencer

Attend this seminar and discover why living in an affordable manufactured home park provides the ultimate home base for those who enjoy a leisurely lifestyle. Many parks include onsite RV storage allowing you to hit the road in your RV at a moment's notice. Gated parks assure your home remains safe and sound while you enjoy extended travels. While at home, you will enjoy a vibrant community of friends and park activities.


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