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Seminars scheduled to be presented at the 2018 Puyallup RV Show. Show attendees requiring seminars in alternative format are asked to contact the Show Office one hour prior to the seminar.


RV Power - Generators & Solar presented by Brian Holthe

Auxiliary power is important when RVing off the grid, what are the best options for you and your RV? Learn how to size a generator or solar system to meet your needs along with installation and maintenance tips.

Technically Choosing Your Next RV  presented by Gary Bunzer

You’ve perused and studied many articles and websites on how to “choose” the RV of your dreams. You’ve attended seminars, interviewed friends and family and reconciled every possible scenario to finally narrow the field of possibilities down to those RVs you would consider for purchase. Now what? Toss those names into a hat and hope for the best? Why not compare your short list from a more technical standpoint? It just may be the difference between two or more seemingly similar coaches. All RVs are not created “technically” equal! Learn how to tell the difference in this informative seminar.

Solar Power and RVs  presented by Gary Bunzer

The words "solar energy" and "RVs" have been mentioned sporadically in the same sentence since the 1970s, however, not many owners or coachbuilders gave it much credence. Has technology finally legitimatized the viability of adding solar power to an RV? Yes! Learn the benefits af adding an effective solar charging system in this seminar. The important components, the issues and the solutions will be addressed in this session.

Top 10 Maintenance Tips Every RVer Should Know  presented by Gary Bunzer

The degree to which we enjoy the RVing lifestyle is proportional to the amount of trouble-free traveling we encounter. When Gary’s ten tips are correctly employed at their specific intervals, operational problems within the RV systems will be minimized and oftentimes, eliminated entirely. Learn the secrets at this seminar.

Optimizing the 12-Volt DC Battery System  presented by Gary Bunzer

Without question, the majority of today's technical problems associated with RVs involve one of the 12- volt battery systems. Rarely, if ever, does any RV, new or used, leave the dealer's lot or its home base with all battery systems operating at optimum performance. In order to optimize the DC battery system, some configurations are better than others. In this seminar, Gary explains why and how to determine if your battery bank is balanced and being charged correctly and completely.

Proper Dinghy Towing presented by Torklift

Are you a motorhome owner looking to pull a second vehicle? Are you bewildered by the various methods available to you? Then attend the Proper Dinghy Towing seminar where you will learn what equipment you will need to safely tow your dinghy.

Proper Travel Trailer Towing presented by Torklift

Trunnions, L bars, receivers, sway controls..... determining what you need to safely tow a travel trailer can be over whelming! Attend the Proper Travel Trailer Towing seminar and learn travel trailer "hitch lingo" and the optimal way to tow your travel trailer.

Proper Fifth Wheel Towing presented by Torklift

In the past when it came to fifth wheel hitches you didn't have a lot of options. Today there are countless manufactures and types of fifth wheel hitches for short bed, long bed and flat bed trucks that adjust in corners, can be easily removed or nearly hidden in the bed of the truck. The Proper Fifth Wheel Towing seminar will explain your choices allowing you to make the right choice to safely pull a fifth wheel with your truck.

Towing Capacity - Matching Truck & Trailer presented by Torklift

Engine displacement, gear ratios, four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive, 1/2 ton, 1 ton, long bed, short bed, transmission coolers and other terms may or may not mean much to you, but they make a big difference regarding how much a tow vehicle can pull and carry. If you are looking to tow a RV with your existing vehicle or have your eye on a shiny new towable RV and want to know what kind of vehicle you will need to properly tow it, sit in on this highly informative seminar and learn how to properly match truck and trailer.

RV Insurance 101 presented by American National Insurance

In this seminar you will learn what the most common RV claims are how to avoid them.

Manufactured Home Q&A presented by Industry Experts

Economic conditions make it difficult for most Americans to afford a weekend retreat or vacation home. However, growing numbers of consumers are discovering that site built homes and condos aren’t the only options when it comes to having a vacation cottage. Manufactured homes offer all the quality and amenities you want at a price you can afford.  . . . whether it is your first home or your last.  They are built in indoor factories allowing for superb quality control, cost savings and timely completion - with no adverse weather conditions.  Manufactured homes are the only housing in America built to a national building code. Come to this seminar and get all of your questions about manufactured homes answered!

Boondocking 101 presented by Dave Helgeson

Are you a free spirit looking for the total freedom a RV offers? Then be sure to attend this entertaining seminar where you will learn how to break free of schedules, reservations, leash laws, campground fees, noisy neighbors and other modern inconveniences? In this seminar you will learn how to find your own secret hideaways in advance via the internet and how to safely and comfortably stay there without hookups. Regardless of where you travel in the eleven western states, there are thousands of boondocking sites awaiting you.

Hosting in WA State Parks presented by Washington State Parks

The Host Program offers enthusiastic and interested volunteers the chance to stay and have fun in beautiful and diverse park settings while gaining experience in park operations and visitor services. Find out how rewarding becoming a host can be in this informative seminar.

Exploring Your Washington State Parks presented by Washington State Parks

Have you visited a state park lately? Discover the many improvements we’ve made that will enhance your visit, including upgraded electrical hookups, cool new playgrounds for the kids, better boat launches and more! Get ready to rediscover your love of the outdoors at a Washington State Park this year!

All seminars are included in the price of admission, no additional charge.

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"This is by far the best RV Show we have been to in the PNW. Great RV vendors, great used RVs, seminars are very informative. Sales Reps very courteous and professional, amazing selection of RVs. We will be recommending this show to all our camping/traveling family."  ~ Jamie & Dan P., Orting, WA


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